The Plan

The Conservative Government has given local councils millions to install these points — which can be fitted in existing lamp-posts (so there’s no extra pavement-blocking clutter or construction work) for just £1,000.

We’ve been working with councillors in other boroughs to find the most effective and least intrusive ways to rapidly expand Camden’s sparse charging point network.

In Richmond-upon-Thames, the council won a bid to discreetly install hundreds of new points in existing lamp-posts. They’re being targeted at areas with the most demand, so they’re used. They’re an improvement on Camden’s existing ‘obelisk’ charging point because:

1. There’s no additional street clutter, as they fit inside existing lampposts.

2. As there’s no engineering work, so they can be installed in half an hour, with no street closures.

3. Because they’d be installed in such large numbers, the adjacent spaces wouldn’t need to be reserved for electric vehicles, meaning no loss of parking spaces for non-electric cars.

Across London, the power demands on the street lighting network have fallen by up to 60%, as councils move from fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting, which require less electricity to emit the same level of light. This means there’s enough spare power to charge several vehicles on each street, even with the current infrastructure.

When we’ve asked for more electric vehicles before, Camden responded by asking us to provide evidence that residents want more charging points in their area.

So if you do, let us know by signing our petition.